The “Ägayrischen Gewölbe” in Viechtach / Bavaria
11.05.2004, 13:29

Viechtach: More than 400 incredible beautiful pieces of artwork of human civilization are shown in the historic 'Bürgerspital' in Viechtach. Incredible treasures can be seen and touched in the 'Ägayrischen Gewölbe' (vaults).

In our collection we have exclusively replicas of high quality, made by a special workshop near Viechtach' says Reinhard Schmid, artist and manager for the museum. Those replicas take you on a journey into the epoch of the ancient pharaohs , the gods of the Nile and the Greek sculptures. The name opf this permanent exhibition 'Ägayrisches Gewölbe' is a symbiosis of 'ägyptisch' and 'bayrisch'.

Since 1994 Reinhard Schmid works in the former chapel of the historic 'Bürgerspital' on his glass-interpretation of a mystic Tarot deck in a three row total measure of 5x14 meters. In course of time, 66 painted glass panels were inserted. All pictures are drawn with a pencil on the back of each glas panel.

The first row shows how the cards came from Egypt to Bavaria. The second row shows the 22 primary tarot cards (Arkana).

According to Court de Gebelin, Tarot originates from the old Egyptian priests. This spiritual treasure with its allegoric pictures was turned into a game of cards.

Open daily from April 1st to October 31st - 10 am to 4 pm - except Mondays.

In July and August also open on Mondays.

Further information: Tourismusverband Viechtach, Tel. ++49-9942/1661, Fax ++49-9942/6151, and

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