Global Name Registry Launches .NAME Personal Domain Strategy and Showcases First Digital Identity Technology From Speednames to be Used On the Domain Name System
01.06.2001, 09:20
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Global Name Registry Launches .NAME Personal Domain Strategy and Showcases First Digital Identity Technology From Speednames to be Used On the Domain Name System

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 2001--

Strategic Partnerships with Leading Technology Providers Speednames

Inc., IBM and Ebone Announced to Pave the Way for Launch of .NAME

Global Name Registry, Ltd. (GNR), a technology infrastructure company based in London, announced today its strategy for .name, the first personal Top-Level Domain authorised by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) earlier this year. GNR introduced Speednames Inc., IBM and Ebone (a division of Global TeleSystems, Inc.) as mission-critical partners in the development and deployment of .name as a universal addressing system and platform for Digital Identity on the Domain Name System (DNS). Unlike the existing Top-Level Domains (.com, .net, and .org) and other new Top-Level Domains (.info, .biz, and .pro), .name is the only Top-Level Domain exclusively for individuals that will offer consumers everywhere a Digital Identity, a single and secure identity for all electronic communication, information storage, and transactions. The advent of Digital Identity revolutionizes the way people use the Internet by putting the user in control of all personal information stored and distributed on the Internet via computers and other wireless devices, such as cell phones and PDA devices. Speaking during ICANN´s quarterly meeting in Stockholm, Andrew K. Tsai, Chief Executive Officer of GNR, said, ´The functionality of means that consumers will get more than just a personal web site and email address, they will actually be able to control access to the information they choose to store and distribute on the Internet.´ Through innovative and secure technology, GNR will evolve the .name Top-Level Domain into a digital repository of information for everyday use by family, friends, business associates, and service providers. ´We look forward to offering consumers everywhere a .name address that can be used as a web site and email address, cell phone number, storage for personal information, and digital key for e-commerce transactions,´ said Tsai. To expand its suite of personal domain registry services, GNR sought a partnership with Speednames Inc., which has taken a leadership role in establishing a global infrastructure for Digital Identity in partnership with host providers all over the world. Digital Identity provides end-users with an opportunity to take ownership of their presence on the Internet through the provision of a universal address that will be accessible from any device that is Internet compatible. It is more than a personal website as it enables consumers to not only personalise information but to set access levels for friends, family or businesses so that the communication in each case is ´interactive.´ ´We are pleased to partner with GNR in this exciting arena. The Speednames technology will assist in making .name a standard for Digital Identity,´ said Mogens Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Speednames Inc. ´We are very excited to be the first to introduce this new technology to the world. Consumers have long been frustrated with the fragmented nature of the Internet and the number of contact points to maintain on the Internet. Now, with Digital Identity, there is a simple mechanism for managing personal, financial and other types of information in one place on the Internet, and controlling access to this data from any Internet-enabled device.´ GNR announced partnerships with other leading technology providers to pave the way for the launch of .name. IBM, through its Net Generation division, is providing leading software and hardware solutions for the operation of the .name registry. ´The expertise and scalability of a blue-chip company like IBM has allowed GNR to move forward quickly and with confidence in the development of a world-class domain registry that is both technically advanced and secure,´ said Tsai. ´We are thrilled to have IBM as our trusted partner in this area.´ Ebone is providing GNR with high-speed IP services on their optical network and web hosting facilities for the more than 45 servers that will operate the .name registry. ´An innovative company with a proven track record in networking, Ebone will play an invaluable role in ensuring that the connectivity needs of the .name registry are met 24/7/365,´ said Tsai. ´There is no better partner for GNR in this area.´ GNR will offer a preview tonight of the revolutionary technology developed by Speednames. A formal press conference will be held tomorrow, and a live demo of the Digital Identity technology will immediately follow. A presentation of the .name Digital Identity strategy will be posted at


Global Name Registry, Ltd.

Founded in 1999 to provide personalized communication services, Global Name Registry, Ltd. (GNR) was selected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in November 2000 to develop, administer and market .name, the only top-level domain reserved exclusively for individuals. The company is finalizing its operating agreement with ICANN and expects to launch its domain-name and email services later this year. A privately-held company based in London, GNR´s principal investors include Carlyle Europe Venture Partners, L.P., Northzone Ventures AS, and Four Seasons Venture AS. For further information, please visit, or contact Gertrude Bakel on +1 646 321 8188 or +44 (0) 207 242 9108 or email her at Local contact information:

*T Scandinavia: Cecilia Coakley, GCI Rinfo ---------------------------- +46 8 402 2748 or +46 733 42 27 48

New York: Sacheen Cicero, GCI Group -------------------- +1 212 537 8125 *T

Speednames Inc.

Speednames was established in early 1999 and since its launch in Europe and Asia Pacific, the company has become the most advanced international domain name technology provider. The company has offices in Copenhagen, Munich and in Singapore. Speednames has taken a leadership role in establishing a global infrastructure for Digital Identity in partnership with host providers all over the world. Speednames has made more than 80 international partnerships with leading Telcos, Internet Service Providers, and Internet Portals. For further information, please visit, or contact Martin Roll on +45 20 72 18 15 or +65 235 4977 or email him at Local contact information:

*T United Kingdom: Tom Manger, Hill & Knowlton London +44 (0) 207 413 3000

Germany and German speaking countries: Wolfram Schuchardt, Trimedia Communications +49 (0) 211 96 485 29

APAC (all countries except Korea): Lim Siow Joo, Hill & Knowlton Singapore +65 338 2881 or +65 98 47 08 17

Korea: Jinho Yoo, Dream Communications +82 2 553 5767 *T


CONTACT: Speednames

Martin Roll, +45 20 72 18 15


Global Name Registry

Gertrude Bakel, +1 646 321 8188



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