EPIK Communications and Corvis Agree to Field Trial Of Industry´s First Multiband Switch
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EPIK Communications and Corvis Agree to Field Trial Of Industry´s First Multiband Switch

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COLUMBIA, Md. & ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 10, 2001--

CorWave OCS Field Trial Marks First Step to Commercial Deployment of

Next-Generation Switching Technology

Corvis Corporation (NASDAQ: CORV), a leading provider of intelligent optical networking solutions, and EPIK Communications(SM) Incorporated (EPIK), the telecommunications subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries, Inc. (NYSE: FLA, FLA.b) (FECI), today announced that the companies have signed a field trial agreement under which EPIK would become the first customer of the CorWave Optical Convergence Switch (OCS), the industry´s first multiband networking product. After successful completion of the field trial, scheduled to start later this year, EPIK intends to deploy the CorWave OCS at major metro aggregation points in its network. The terms of the deployment are expected to be finalized during the third quarter of this year. ´After evaluating competitive products, EPIK selected to field test the Corvis CorWave OCS because it best enables us to serve the needs of our diverse customer base. We have customers with SONET services at lower OC speeds, as well as customers with OC-192 optical waves. Corvis has the only product available today that combines electrical grooming for SONET termination and optical switching in a single platform,´ said John D. McClellan, president of EPIK Communications. ´Corvis will allow us to deliver new bandwidth services and applications to our customers, driving baseline revenues while reducing our operational expenditures. We look forward to completing this field trial and developing our relationship with Corvis.´ ´The CorWave OCS is a natural extension of Corvis´ vision of optical networking,´ said Dr. David R. Huber, president and CEO of Corvis. ´We are pleased to have EPIK Communications as our first OCS field trial customer. EPIK has identified technologies required to provide their carrier customers with next-generation telecommunications services and Corvis is proud to partner with EPIK´s industry-leading management team to bring these technologies to market.´ As EPIK expands its metropolitan network service area with the deployment of additional dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) rings, the CorWave OCS product will allow it to manage traffic intelligently at both the wavelength and sub-wavelength level. Metropolitan area networks consist of many DWDM rings, which can now be interconnected by a common, heterogeneous platform with inherent electrical and optical wavelength switching capabilities. ´By utilizing Corvis´ OCS in the metro network, EPIK ensures rapid provisioning, reliability, and survivability for our carrier customers,´ said Ken Stauffer, director of product innovation at EPIK Communications. ´The OCS product will allow EPIK to migrate its traffic from SONET rings to a more intelligent mesh architecture that more closely resembles the natural traffic patterns for data in our network.´ The CorWave OCS, which Corvis introduced in June 2001, allows carriers to integrate existing voice-based access, metro, regional and national networks as well as all-optical express networks onto a single network element. It incorporates electrical and optical switching on a single platform, and enables seamless network management across multiple network topologies, such as point-to-point, ring and mesh architectures. The CorWave OCS is part of Corvis´ CorWave product family of optical networking solutions, which enable network service providers to offer advanced wavelength services to their customers at competitive prices.

About EPIK Communications

EPIK Communications, a leading carriers´ carrier, is lighting up a regional fiber network in the Southeastern United States and developing a fiber footprint beyond the Southeast via swaps. EPIK has lit the first 1,500 of 1,850 miles of its Southeast network, which features a dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) IP-on-Wave OC-192 (10Gbps) backbone. The Southeast network reaches 11 key cities, including the cities of Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami; EPIK is also developing fiber ´metro rings´ in these five cities. The combination of EPIK´s long haul and metro fiber assets, its express rings connecting the major international cable landings in South Florida, and its leadership in the NAP of the Americas Consortium, position EPIK to service the growing telecom market in Latin America. EPIK provides wholesale services including bandwidth (private lines), wave services, Internet protocol (IP) services, collocation, and dark fiber to long distance, international, and wireless carriers, Internet service providers (ISPs), and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). Visit EPIK on the Web at www.epik.net or call EPIK at 407-482-8400.

About Florida East Coast Industries

Florida East Coast Industries, Inc., headquartered in St. Augustine, Fla., conducts operations through four wholly owned subsidiaries: Flagler Development Company (Flagler), Florida East Coast Railway, L.L.C. (FECR), Florida Express Carriers, Inc. (FLX), and EPIK Communications Incorporated (EPIK). Flagler owns, develops, leases, and manages approximately 6 million square feet of commercial space and owns approximately 16,000 acres of land, all in Florida. FECR is a regional freight railroad that operates 351 miles of main line track from Jacksonville to Miami. FLX provides truckload service, intermodal drayage, and transportation logistics and brokerage services. EPIK, based in Orlando, Fla., is a carriers´ carrier that provides bandwidth capacity, wave services, Internet protocol (IP) services, dark fiber leases and collocation services to telecommunications providers.

About Corvis

Corvis Corporation is a leading provider of next-generation optical services networks founded by Dr. David Huber, a pioneer in the field of optical communications. By deploying the industry´s first all-optical network, Corvis has revolutionized the way communications traffic is moved in the new Internet-driven economy. Corvis products and services deliver all-optical network intelligence and mesh network capabilities providing telecom service providers with end-to-end core networking solutions, which make them more competitive in the market. Corvis´ next-generation products enable these carriers to offer their customers a vast array of advanced wavelength services that dramatically lower capital and operational costs, while generating increased revenue. For more information, call Corvis at 443-259-4000 or visit the Corvis web site at www.corvis.com.

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