Media monitoring companies to participate in the MULTISENSOR prototype evaluation
08.07.2015, 10:55
After 18 months of development and initial tests and assessments, the evaluation report for the first prototype of the MULTISENSOR platform has now been submitted to the EC. The MULTISENSOR project aims at developing an automated method for linking heterogeneous content, distributed via a variety of mass media, and evaluating this data with a practical focus. The use cases of the project were the basis for the initial evaluation. The analysis of specific examples in the areas of journalism, commercial media monitoring, and SME internationalisation allowed the consortium partners to assess the platform in a first internal evaluation round. Mirja Eckhoff, head of analysis division at pressrelations and responsible for the evaluation of the media monitoring use case, comments:' Feedback for all three use cases was promising and we see our general approach confirmed. The evaluation has provided the consortium partners with a number of meaningful hints and insights as well as updated requirements, thus establishing a good basis for the next development cycle.'

Regarding the media monitoring use case, monitoring companies are invited to participate in a use case evaluation of the MULTISENSOR platform in a second evaluation session during an Open Day in November 2015. Editors, analysts and managers can then contribute by testing the online platform and assessing its usability and content display. Media monitoring professionals can value the monitoring, data curation and analysis capabilities of MULTISENSOR as well as its intelligent visualization, summarization, and article clustering. Furthermore, they can evaluate how the platform allows for grasping the most important information and identifying main trends.

The MULTISENSOR User Group will play a key role for the evaluation and development of the project. The community of relevant stakeholders from different areas of expertise will evaluate the project results, test the project software and provide feedback. Application developers, media monitoring companies, media researchers, journalists and SMEs are amongst the members of the User Group. Seminars and tutorials will be organised to demonstrate the MULTISENSOR prototype, evaluate experimental techniques, comment on the results, and collect feedback for improvements. They will also have the opportunity to participate in an Open Day that will be held in Bonn in November 2015.

The MULTISENSOR consortium welcomes the participation of interested media monitoring companies in the User Group.


MULTISENSOR is a 3-year FP7 European STREP Project, whose total budget is around EUR 4 million. The consortium comprises 9 participants in total, coming from different universities, research organisations and companies: Centre for Research and Technologies Hellas

Information Technologies Institute (CERTH-ITI) (co-ordinator, multimedia technologies), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (language technologies), Fundació Barcelona Media - Yahoo! Research (social media analysis), Ontotext (semantic technologies), Linguatec (language technologies), Everis (information technologies), pressrelations (media monitoring company), Deutsche Welle (public service broadcaster) and PIMEC (SME network).

The project aims at integrating advanced technologies with sentiment, social and spatiotemporal competence that are able to interpret, relate, translate and summarise multimedia and multilingual data and providing these technologies as services to journalists, international media monitors and SMEs who need decision support for internationalisation.

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