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MEPs debate Brexit and upcoming EU summit on Wednesday morning

13.03.2019, 11:04

MEPs will discuss their priorities for the 21-22 March EU summit and assess the outcome of the vote on Brexit in the UK House of Commons, from around 10.00.

Following the vote on the withdrawal agreement in the UK parliament on 12 March, MEPs will assess its consequences in a debate with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and the Romanian Council Presidency.

They will also set out their priorities for the spring meeting of EU heads of state or government, which traditionally focuses on jobs, growth and competitiveness.

EU leaders will also discuss the EU’s long-term strategy to fight climate change, external relations (especially the EU-China summit of 9 April) and ways to fight disinformation and protect the democratic integrity of the European and national elections across the EU.

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